Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Graces

(Photo from Southern Living)

This week's edition of Sunday Graces is going to be short but sweet. I was flipping through my "newest" etiquette book. I use quotations because it's not actually new, but it's new to me. It's a Vogue Book of Etiquette from 1948.

Although I love many of the things I've read in this book, I especially love this little clip because I think it is so thoughtful. The heading is "table manners of the hostess." The paragraph says that the only way a hostess's table manners differ is "that she must never eat so quickly as to finish everything on her plate before every guest has finished." The thought behind this may be obvious to many of you, it's to keep any slow eaters company. How sweet!

This weekend was very fun and I finished it off with a long day at the beach today. Hope you all have a great week coming up!

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