Friday, September 10, 2010

New Curtains!

Guess who just saved $300.12 on curtains? This girl! Our second anniversary is coming up on the 13th. The "etiquettely correct" gift is cotton, so I decided that we would get some new linens for our bedroom.

We originally had white curtains and while pretty, they did a poor job of blocking out the light and I love my beauty sleep. I have had great luck finding curtains at J.C. Penney's - so that's where we headed tonight. I found curtains by American Living. I couldn't find a picture online, probably because they were on clearance, but they are a really pretty chocolate brown. They have a nice button detail at the top. They were marked down from $80 to $5!!!!

I am hoping to find a pretty white quilt for the bed and I think I am going to order this bed skirt. A white bedspread is so relaxing to me. Sorry I don't have any pretty pictures for this post, but hopefully I will have some when the bedroom is all put together.

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Claire said...

I love Penney's catalog - I got my Batiste Sheer Curtains for my living room there and I got a really great summer bedspread, shams, bed skirt and curtains on sale there too!