Thursday, February 7, 2008

Letter to Nutmeg

Dear Nutmeg,

I’m sorry I wasn’t there yesterday when you had to leave. I wish that I could have been there, but I couldn’t bear the thought of you suffering on account of me. You were the best dog. I don’t know if you can read in heaven, but if you can’t, I’m sure that Poppy will read this letter to you.

I can still remember the day that you came to our house. It was almost Christmas. I was a junior in high school. I came home from school and you were sleeping on top of Mommy. Do you remember? You were scared, but she was holding you close and you were nestled underneath a blanket. Your fur was so soft and it was dark brown. I had no idea how much I would grow to love you.

I remember when we tried to decide what to call you. We wanted to name you something Christmasy, but we had a hard time with that. Eventually we decided on Nutmeg and it fit you to a tee.

I loved coming home and seeing you. When you were still a puppy you used to just run around the house and you would bark until we picked you up. As you got older, you weren’t as wild but you would still bark until we greeted you.

I left for college and I missed you when I left. I loved coming home. I would ring the door bell just so I could watch you run to the door. It made me so happy. After college I moved to Alexandria. I still missed you. Do you remember when you would come visit me? I loved walking you around Old Town. You were so cute. You managed to charm everyone that met you.

Even though I loved all the times with you, the time you helped me the most was when I was in law school. When I started law school, I moved back home with you and Mommy and Daddy. That first year, I worked 40 hours a week and I went to school at night. I was tired when I got home and the house was always dark. The one thing I knew that I could count on was my faithful friend greeting me at the door.

You would come down from your little bed upstairs and greet me. It was almost as if you were waiting to see how my day was. Sometimes you would come down and just sit on the steps until I saw you. It was so cute. I loved making little snacks and I was always sure to make enough for you too.

I loved that I was able to be home with you when I was in law school. I loved coming home from school and taking you on walks. I loved it when I was in bed in the morning and you would scratch at my door. It was your knock. Remember how Daddy would open the door for you before he went to work? You would snuggle up next to me and sleep with me for another hour or so.

I will miss you Nutmeg, but rest assured, I will never forget you. You were such a good little dog and a faithful companion. I know that you are in heaven because God works all things together for good. I imagine you are busy chasing squirrels and running after birds. I know that it is more wonderful than anything you have ever known. Time is different in heaven, so I think you will see me sooner than you think. We will be together with all of our family. I won’t ever have to leave you. Thanks for loving me and being such a good friend.

Love, Sissy


Lauren said...

I am in tears after reading that post. My dog is 8 and is like my child now. What a sweet, loving dog Nutmeg was!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. I really loved her and its hard, but I am doing better. Dogs are such good companions!!