Friday, February 15, 2008


I am resigning to the fact that I am completely worthless on friday afternoons. I don't really want to think about contracts, I have much more important things to worry about such as 1) how am I going to cook the salmon for Fiance and I tonight 2) will I have enough time to make his favorite cookies before he gets here? 3) will I be able to go running before starting dinner? Its all about priorities.

I picked up some lovely salmon fillets for dinner tonight while I was here . I am also going to make our favorite salad and we'll have baked potatoes. I had originally planned on grilling some steaks but I forgot it was friday and its Lent. I always remember after I have something planned.

I don't know if anyone has been to Old Navy lately, but they actually have some pretty cute stuff. I went through a phase where I just didn't go in because I could never find anything. Fiance really likes it, so I was picking up a valentine's present for him. I picked up these shoes. They are much cuter in person and I think they will look great with jeans.

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Lauren said...

Cute shoes! I want to run by Old Navy and check them out!