Monday, February 25, 2008

Wedding Make-up

I have been trying to finalize all of my vendors or people that I have to "book" prior to the wedding. This weekend I was on the prowl for a make-up artist. I have had trouble finding one and none of the local wedding magazines seem to have any listings. So, I went to Nordstrom's and made an appointment with clinique.

It was pretty terrible. I think the person might have used coal instead of eyeliner. (just kidding, but it was very thick & I wasn't going for a goth look on my wedding day). Does anyone have any tips on finding make-up artists? I really want to have a professional do my make-up. Most of my friends, who are married, did their own make-up.

(picture is from Estee Lauder, I love the Beautiful Perfume Ads)

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Lauren said...

I had a friend who does makeup for a living do my wedding day makeup. We used a lot of bobbi brown and mac products. They last longer on me than some of the other brands. Good luck! I can't wait to hear what you decide!