Friday, February 29, 2008

I got this from Southern Newlywed who found it on Midwest Prep:

What accessories do you wear everyday? I wear my engagement ring on my left ring finger and a monogram ring on my right ring finger and a watch

What is your beauty routine? I use Johnson & Johnson clean & clear face wash and Oil of Olay face lotion.

What was the last item of clothing you bought? a skirt from j. crew - I posted about it :)

Do you use a dresser, closet, or both? I use a den for my clothes plus a small closet and 2 dressers. Sorry, I have a problem (or an addiction), I don't know where they are going to go when I move in with Fiance. Sorry honey :)

What type of earrings are in your ears right now? pearl studs

What type of figure do you have? I am 5'9", flat-chested (yes I am bitter, my sisters got all the boobs), and average build - not fat but not really skinny either

Do you wear glasses? no, I have 20/20 vision

What type of handbag do you carry? a purse I love, its from Target

What is your ideal style? classic. When I was 13, one of my aunts introduced me to Audrey Hepburn, I was hooked. She is my style icon. I buy classic pieces. I still wear clothes I bought in high school (hence the reason I need a den for a closet).

What jewelry are you wearing right now? pearl studs & rings (engagement & monogram)

Do you wear knee-hi stockings? only with my tall boots, because you can't see them and the boots fit better that way

Do you have to wear matching lingerie? no, I don't spend a lot of money on underwear so none of it matches

Do you wear makeup? when I go to work and if I go out at night, otherwise no I don't

Do you wear nightgowns? no - I sleep in t-shirts

What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winter's day? I have a long winter coat for work, otherwise I wear a northface fleece or a pea coat

What is your favorite perfume? for going out at night - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle; just because - Clinique Happy

Is your motto "quality over quantity"? it depends what it is. For basic items that I will use again and again - I prefer quality. For items that I think I might only use for a season, I will go to Target or H&M

Do you wear rain boots? yes, they are bright pink & they make me happy

Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold? whichever one is more convenient

Do you have a set of travel luggage? yes, my mom bought it for Fiance & I, its a seven piece red set. Fiance uses the two duffel bags and I use the two biggest suit cases. I like to be prepared.

What is your daily uniform? I wear a suit everyday to work. On winter weekends, jeans & a cableknit sweater - when we first started dating, Fiance asked me how many cableknits I had. During the summer - chino skirts & polo's

If you are married, did you wear a veil with your wedding dress? engaged - yes I am wearing a veil

Do you wear a watch? yes

What item of clothing always makes you feel extremely beautiful? I love dresses. My go to dress is a black wool shift from Banana. I love it.

What is your favorite type of yarn? don't have a favorite

Do you prefer zippers or buttons? it depends what it is

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Lauren said...

I love that you use a den for your clothes! My mom's friend turned a bedroom into a closet. It is so nice to have all that space. Have a nice weekend!