Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Goodies!

Happy Friday everyone! I decided to do a post on some fun Easter things I have come across. I definitely get the "winter blues." I just love warm weather and longer days, so I am always dying for Spring to get here. Easter is the turning point for me. I also love all of the Easter decorations that signal new life (bunnies, chicks, eggs). I hope you enjoy these!

(Williams Sonoma)

I love these little totes from Williams Sonoma. When I was little we each had our own Easter basket. The "Easter Bunny" would then hide it. I swear my parents came up with the weirdest places. My mom definitely played "hot & cold" every Easter!

(Williams Sonoma)

Aren't these sugar cookies adorable? I think I might bake some cookies for Easter this Sunday. These are great for inspiration. I make sugar cookies from scratch . . . the icing is my favorite part.

(Pier 1)

I like these little toys for the munchkins! Although I don't know if the whistle would be a good idea for my 2 1/2 year old nephew . . . I can hear myself now, "okay, give the whistle to Aunt Sissy."

(Pier 1)

For the front door. I love all the colors in this wreath. I didn't buy this yet, but I will definitely be hitting up Pier 1 the day after Easter!


Lauren said...

I love the Easter goodies you posted! Especially the wreath and sugar cookies. Have a nice weekend!

The Mrs. said...

Those carrot cookies are the cutest!!!!