Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what was J. Crew thinking?

I am copying Midwest Prep's "what were they thinking." Yesterday I excitedly opened my latest J. Crew catologue that had arrived in the mail (during the Lost commercials of course). I have long since given up on dressing Fiance but I decided to take a look through the men's section.

I started laughing when I saw these pants. Mostly because the first thought that entered my mind was the expression on Fiance's face if I ever brought these home for him. I can hear him now "Happy April Fool's day to you too darlin'."
PS - I'm sorry if I offended anyone who likes these


Lauren said...

No kidding! My husband wears very basic colors and styles. Period. He would freak out if he thought I wanted him to wear these.

Nelly said...

hahaha, oh gross!

Anonymous said...

Actually I do like these, but I am not offended. There is no way in hell my husband would wear them either!