Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Re-cap & Book Review

I went to visit my parents and Fiance this weekend. They live in the same town. My future in-laws were also visiting for Fiance's birthday. It was really fun. We did a little shopping on saturday during the day. Saturday night we went to an upscale sportsbar for dinner (I know that sounds like an oxymoron). The food was really good.

Sunday, my parents had a little brunch for our families and to celebrate Fiance's actual birthday. It was nice and again, the food was amazing. My mom made this wonderful dish with asparagus wrapped in ham and then a cheese sauce over it. We also had some of the other standard brunch fare: quiche, fruit, coffee cake . . . mimosas :)

I also finished this book last night. It took me a really long time to read it. I didn't like it so much, but I feel guilty if I don't finish a book that I have started, so I made myself read it. I bought it because it had all good reviews on amazon. However, the book ended up being kind of depressing and then it was happy for the last chapter. I like to be entertained and amused while reading, so I guess it just wasn't my kind of book.


Lauren said...

I am glad you had a nice weekend! I am the same way about books, I always feel like I need to finish what I start.

Lena said...

What a lovely weekend!

And I can't believe you are an ADPi!!! Loyally, sister!

magnoliabelle said...

Thanks for sharing about the book...Title and cover would have enticed me to try it...

Have a great week!!