Friday, June 6, 2008

A Night at the Ballpark

Okay - I am getting super excited about our rehearsal dinner. This past Saturday I was running errands and I got a lot of wedding stuff done. I went to Michaels and found stuff for our out of town guest bags. I will post a picture when it gets closer to the wedding and they are finished.

Then I went to the Dollar Store and found these awesome popcorn buckets (see picture below) to use for the centerpieces at the rehearsal dinner. My future mother in law and I are going to fill them with typical ball park snacks like peanuts, cracker jacks, sunflower seeds, candy and all that kind of stuff. I think they will look really cute.

Here are some pictures of where the rehearsal dinner is actually going to be. Its the restaurant at the ball park in my hometown. Our color scheme is going to be red, white, and blue. I found some adorable grosgrain ribbon in those colors to use for tying the silverware. As far as other decorations - I wasn't sure what else we could do.

I know you all are familiar with Snippet and Ink. Well I just have to say that Kathryn is so incredibly kind. I sent her an email asking for any inspiration tips and she sent me the nicest email back the very next day! First, I always have a ton of respect for people who have famous blogs that actually answer their email. Its so nice and you know they get a ton of mail. Second, she gave me a lot of useful information.

Anyways she suggested maybe using navy and red gingham as table runners with white tableclothes. My mother in law also thought maybe red and navy polka dot fabric would be cute - I totally agree. So I am going to see what we can find at a fabric store.

I think we should just use red, white, and blue balloons thoughout the room. I think its classic Americana and its fitting for a night at the ballpark. I will keep you posted on other details as they come in but I just wanted to share this because I am so excited!


Always Organizing said...

So fun!!! Can't wait to see the OOT gift bags :)

Life, Love & Lola said...


Judy said...

The dining room is beautiful! Red and blue gingham will look great as table runners! I can hardly wait!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

since i'm doing the same thing for my welcome party, if you want the scoop on what i'm doing, email me at the address i'm commenting from. :)

Lauren said...

How fun! Everything is going to look great!

Red and White Preppy said...

Love, love, love the colors and ideas! I might have to steal them if I ever get married :)

Kiki said...

So cute....everything you are doing is amazing, I love all your ideas!!! Since Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, next to my birthday, we got married on July 7 so we could have fireworks...we handed out sparklers tucked into a book of matches and instead of rice, we ran through the lit sparklers!!!

I love the popcorn box thing too...I am loving all the pics, so fun and so exciting!!! Keep us updated!

I had to skip the SATC post because believe or not I haven't seen it yet!!! But I'm dying to!