Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another bouquet

I sometimes post pictures here to clean up my desktop and too keep them all in one place! I love this bouquet. (Martha Stewart Weddings)
Speaking of Martha, does anyone have trouble navigating that website? I don't feel like its very user friendly and I have a hard time finding different images. It seems like I keep getting the same pictures again and again - if that makes sense. Oh well, I'm sure its a user error.


Kiki said...

Lovely bouquet...{{sighs}}, my wedding, while wonderful in everyway had one flowers were all wrong. It looked like he had bought them at a supermarket nd put a ribbon around them. They also looked purple...I forgot about them but sometimes when I look at pics when the flowers made it into them I get a little frustrated.all.over.again.

Luckily, Ken showed up and on that day that was all I decided to worry about. Seven years later and my heart still leaps out of my chest when I see him in the morning, I smile at the sound of his voice and I would do it all over again. See how sappy I get with all this wedding talk!!!

N M B said...

It's beautiful!

Amelia said...

Not sure about Martha's site, but the bouquet is so pretty!!

Also, I tagged you here :)

Jenna said...

I have to admit that I never use Martha's website and just rely on fabulous bloggers like yourself to provide links for me :)

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

this is absolutely lovely.