Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My China Pattern

I decided to do a post on my china pattern. It is the china pictured above (obviously). It's by Lenox and the style name is "Eternal." I chose this pattern for several reasons. First, its very similar to a pattern that my mom has. Her's is also by Lenox, but they discontinued it. Ever since I was little, I have loved it and always wanted that to be "my china."
Another reason I chose this pattern is because it can be easily matched with other china patterns. My parents have several different sets of china. They have just acquired them throughout the years. Often times if they have a large group of guests, my mom will co-mingle another set with this one. We like things to coordinate :)


Lauren said...

Eternal by Lenox is my parents pattern! They were married in 1976. Eternal does mix well with other patterns and styles. It is such a classic.

Have you thought about registering for Christmas china? I registered for Bernardaud Grenadiers and loved using it last Christmas. We registered for dinner and salad plates and then I bought matching mugs that had been discontinued from Replacements Limited and ebay.

Lauren said...

PS - If it didn't come across in my first comment, I LOVE china! I was so excited choose a pattern when I got married. We actually use ours quite often.

Always Organizing said...

Lovely china! I haven't picked mine yet and am looking forward to doing so :)