Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Favorite Things in the Wedding World

****UPDATE**** I am having writer's remorse over this post. Fiance seems to have a different view on one of my items. So, being the nerds that we are (we're okay with this by the way) we have decided to write up our positions. I am writing mine and then he is going to respond. We debate things a lot, we're both lawyers. Stay tuned . . . it might be a day or two ****

Here is a top ten list of my favorite things that I have seen & heard about in the Wedding-World:

10. "Greenback Showers" - asking guests to please bring cash, and only cash, to the shower.

9. Inviting everyone you know to your shower even though they won't all be invited to the wedding.

8. Telling people on your wedding website that while "not everyone will be invited to the reception, all will be welcome to join the couple for cake and punch at the church."

7. Inviting people to your wedding via e-mail.

6. "Greenback showers" hosted by the bride's parents.

5. Cash bars at the reception.

4. Including your registry information in your invitation.

3. Asking your guests to "please stick to the registry."

2. Registering for large pieces of furniture because you "already have everything else."

1. Money dances at the wedding. When people pay money to dance with the bride.

Happy April Fool's Day readers :) You didn't really think I liked this stuff, did you?


Red and White Preppy said...

Hahaha...some of those (while tacky) wouldn't be bad though! :)

Some Like it Southern said...

Haha! I read #10 and 9 and then thought, wait, this isn't right... oh wait, it's April Fool's day. Thanks for the laugh!!

Lauren said...

Ha ha! I thought you had lost it!

Lena said...

I was about to have a panic attack! You got me!

Kiki said...

Haha...you got me!!!

The Mrs. said...

Holy Moly you scared me!