Monday, April 7, 2008

Introducing a New Blogger

Hey Everyone - check out my sister's blog at Virginia Living. I like to say that she is the original "do it yourselfer." She comes up with all of the creative and original ideas . . . then I copy them! (In typical little sister fashion).

She is the mom of those two adorable children whose pictures were on my blog. Stop by and say hi. I'm sure her posts will be fabulous, just like her!


Lauren said...

I enjoyed reading your sisters blog. Her kids are precious!! I am not sure why your mom is getting a message that my blog is private? I double checked and it is set up so that anyone can view my blog. That is weird? Let me know if she is still having trouble.

Enjoy your week!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Thanks Lauren - my mom said how nice your comments are and she wanted to read your blog!

3gand1b said...

I got in and just love this blogging is almost addictive!! I guess I will have to get my own site!!!