Thursday, August 7, 2008

Answering Questions

I have gotten a few questions in comments and I never know how to answer them, do I go back and comment or do I comment on the other person's blog . . . I never know.

So in answer to some of the questions:

Our big day is September 13, 2008 - I have a little over a month left but SO much to do! So I am setting little tasks for myself every day. I am also writing thank you notes like there is no tomorrow . . . I had to order more stationary!

Yes, my Daddy was nice enough to give me my Grandmommy's entire set of silver with her serving pieces as well. I can't believe it! I made Fiance hide it in his closet! I feel like my other grandmother, my Nana. She and my Poppy had stuff hidden all over their house!

Do you have any more questions that I might have neglected to answer? If so, I'm sorry, so ask in the comments and I will definitely answer!

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Britt said...

so, I have only been reading your blog for a couple weeks but I'm enjoying it. I love the stuff I'm seeing for your wedding.
And I was sooo surprised to see your date. ;-) Sept. 13th is my birthday!!! (I was actually born on Friday the 13th) Nothing exciting ever happens on my birthday (don't know anyone with the same birthday and no holidays)...but now someone will have a wedding anniversary on the same day!!