Wednesday, May 7, 2008

100 things

I have been working on a 100 list for my 100th post. I finished it up today, so I decided to post it early.

100 things

1. I am one of four children
2. I hate talking on the phone
3. I don’t really like voicemail either
4. I ran cross country in high school
5. I ran track too
6. I have one brother
7. I have two sisters
8. My fiancé is one of four children as well
9. I don’t want to drive a mini van when I have children
10. I need to learn how to drive an SUV
11. Fiance is convinced that once I test drive an SUV, I will not want one
12. I love to buy new pens
13. I especially like brightly colored pens
14. when I was growing up, I always wanted to be a lawyer
15. I used to play dress-up and pretend that I was a lawyer going to court
16. I had a pair of pink pleather high heels and I thought it was just what I would wear when I became a lawyer
17. my mom named me after herself; I think this is funny
18. she told my dad she was going to do it when he was dropping her off at the door to the hospital
19. I am addicted to seersucker
20. I still remember when I bought my first seersucker dress; it was from Ann Taylor Loft
21. I waited tables on and off for almost 8 years
22. I was in a sorority in college
23. I hated middle school
24. high school was better
25. I lived for college
26. I have been planning my wedding since I was 7
27. my sister and I used to beg my mother to buy us bride magazines at the grocery store
28. When I got engaged, my Mom told Fiance that all I needed was him
29. sometimes, okay a lot of times, I make up cheers for Fiance
30. he says I missed my calling as a cheerleader
31. I love to read
32. I used to love the Babysitters’ Club books when I was little
33. I would call Walden Books to find out when the newest one was coming out and then my mom or dad would take me to get it
34. I was really excited to rent the movie
35. Sadly, this was when I was in high school
36. what can I say, I love happy movies
37. I will go to the movies by myself if there is a movie I really want to see
38. I actually like going to the movies by myself
39. but not on Friday or Saturday nights
40. I heart chick-fil-a
41. my favorite movie is Sabrina, with Audrey Hepburn
42. I like old movies
43. My little sister and I used to beg my mom to rent Gidget for us
44. even though we had seen it 20 times
45. I once watched Billy Madison 6 times in a row with that sister
46. it became more hilarious the more we watched it
47. at least in our minds
48. my sister and brother then decided to only talk in “Billy Speak”
49. my favorite color is pink
50. I hardly ever wear black now
51. when I first graduated from college, I wore black all the time
52. I thought it was very chic
53. when I was growing up, we would have pizza for dinner every Friday
54. pizza is my favorite food
55. I love dresses
56. I am tired of the excuse “I’m so busy”
57. I lived in my sorority house my senior year of college
58. my sorority house was downtown
59. after we went out we would sit on the porch and rate guys who were walking home from the bars
60. we would race home at last call to do this
61. the first time I ever heard “Bust a move” was my freshman year of college
62. the only foreign country I have ever been to is Italy
63. I would like to have an apartment in Florence one day
64. I would like to have a Vespa there too
65. when I was little I used to day dream about being a lawyer when I was grown-up
66. I used to think about the cute little house that I would have
67. and I used to get excited because I would be able to buy whatever barbies and candy I wanted since I would have so much money
68. I used to think that I would have a room just for my barbies
69. when I was little I was convinced that I would never get tired of playing with barbies, then almost overnight I found that I wasn’t really interested in them anymore
70. even though I always wanted to be a lawyer, I didn’t know if I could do the whole law school thing
71. Legally Blonde inspired me to go to law school
72. I figured if Elle Woods could do it, so could I
73. I am not joking about #72
74. If there was ever a movie about my life, I would want Reese Whitherspoon to play my part
75. but I would be okay with Drew Barrymore too
76. when I was little, my mom made all four of us kids do swim team
77. I loathed it
78. but now I am grateful that I know how to swim
79. one time, I decided that because I was so mad at my mom for making me do this, I would simply not get in the pool when the gun went off for my race
80. my mother came up behind me and threw me in the pool
81. she was quickly forgiven however because she was holding a Krispy Kreme donut at the finish line
82. Krispy Kreme donuts were the only good thing abut swim meets
83. Fiance is my favorite person
84. I love talking to him
85. he thinks I am smarter
86. I think he is smarter
87. I hate restaurants that have pepsi instead of coke, sometimes this factors into my decision of where I want to eat
88. I take at least two showers every day
89. I like being clean
90. when I was little, I would not use a public restroom if it was too dirty
91. I used to be afraid of public speaking, now I actually kind of like it
92. when I was little, Halloween was my favorite holiday
93. my mom says that I used to get more excited about Halloween than Christmas or my birthday
94. I get seriously annoyed when a man cuts in front of a woman or lets a door close on a woman
95. I grew up thinking that all men were gentlemen. Probably because my dad is and my grandfathers were.
96. I have a few good friends
97. I would rather have a few really good friends than several okay friends
98. I have a good family
99. I have an amazing future husband
100. I am happy


Lauren said...

I enjoyed learning more about you! I love the movie Legally Blonde. I was laughing when I read about the subject of SUVs. I am not a fan of minivans either.

I hope you have a nice week!

Tara said...

funny- we have A Lot in common!

3gand1b said...

I enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane...I am so happy that you are happy and have found someone who makes you even happier!

Brie said...

What a great 100th post! No minivans here either :)

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

40 and 87! 40 and 87! you are SO southern and so am i. :)

Kiki said...

Love this....when I was growing up I wanted desperately to be a lawyer/guardian ad litem...somehow it has morphed into being an art history professor. I think inspired by that Julia Roberts movie.

Some Like it Southern said...

Thanks for sharing, I had fun reading all about you! We have a lot in common! I will never be caught dead driving a minivan! Just the thought of it practically makes me break out in hives!

Erin said...

I like you! This is the first time I've read your blog, but those 100 things...yeah, I think you're pretty neat!

Etiquettely Correct said...

Erin - thanks - you made my day

amber said...

that was funny & honest, thanks for sharing!