Monday, May 19, 2008

My weekend update

Hey Ladies! I hope you all had great weekends. Fiance came to visit me. We had a lot of fun. On Friday, his brother Joe (remember the one from my wedding dream?) came over and we ordered pizza, I made a salad, and the boys watched basketball. I kind of watched but mostly worked on my wedding binder.

Saturday morning, we were up early . . . not by choice . . . some of my lovely neighbors decided to have a yard sale at 7:00 a.m. We had already planned to play tennis, but we just ended up playing a lot earlier than originally planned. Then we did some shopping . . . here is where it gets exciting - hee hee

There is a TJ Maxx in my town, but I had never been in. Well, we went this weekend and look what I found!!!!! Finally some Lilly. I was begining to think Lilly at TJ Maxx was an urban legend.

I have been wanting something to wear while I get ready for the wedding. I'm getting ready at my parents' house and the professionals are going to come to us. I think this little wrap will be perfect!

Finally, I realize this might not be as exciting as the Lilly, but it was for me. I found a Jones New York suit for $30. When you wear a suit to work everyday, finding a navy, wool, pinstripe, skirt suit for $30 is exciting. I'm a dork . . . I am okay with it.


Kiki said...

I haven't been looking for Lilly in my TJ because I can't get my hopes all up for that kind of disappointment!!! That wrap is super cute and you are going to look fab in it while getting ready. I'm glad you found a suit that you can use, its always exciting to find things you need.

Do I see glass doorknobs??? Because that is fabulous!!!

Lauren said...

I am glad you had a nice weekend! The Lilly wrap is perfect for getting ready. The suit is a steal at $30! I am glad you had such great luck at TJ Maxx.

Enjoy your week!

Muffy said...

That's WONDERFUL! I've been to TJ Maxx ONCE, and I saw one straw Lilly clutch, but it looked as though it had already been worn! Terrible! I'm glad you found goodies. EVERYONE can use a nice suit- and at $30, who can resist?!? HURRAY for your successful shopping trip! :)

Belle-ah said...

I honestly thought it was an urban legend as well!!!!! Great find!

Judy said...

You are too cute! Only you could find that skirt! I still love the madras clutch you bought at TJ Max last year!