Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mission - Decorating a Bachelor Pad

My adorable little brother just bought his first house!!! I am so proud of him. We were talking last night and he needs some help decorating. The house is in Charleston, SC. He said he wants a "southern, low country, vibe." To give you some background on my brother . . . what can I say? He is a charming, mid-20's, southern gentleman. He loves all your typical "man things" and he is comfortable enough with his masculinity to wear pink shirts. He enjoys golf, boating, fishing and all sports. He is on the market ladies and he is super cute plus he is a homeowner! ;)

I can't wait to head down to Charleston. My brother went to college there and I went to visit him a couple of times. I haven't made it down there since then. I think Fiance and I are going to visit in June.

So, with that in mind, do ya'll have any suggestions or color themes? I am posting some pictures of his new place and then in my next post, I am going to post some ideas that I have found. Feel free to chime in on either post!

PS In case you all were wondering if my brother cares that I am posting pictures of his house - he doesn't . . . I ran this idea by him last night!

This picture (below) is his great room. This leads into the kitchen. I love the staircase by the fireplace.

Here is the family room.

The kitchen. I love the countertops and I think the cabinets are beautiful.

Another angle of the kitchen:

I think this is the downstairs powder room:

A guest bedroom:

Another guest bedroom:

Guest bathroom:

Master bedroom:

I LOVE the master bathroom. The soaking tub is so nice.


3gand1b said...

Painting that house is going to be tough b/c of the high cellings...are going to help? You are right he is really cute...

Amelia said...

Looks like a great place! And in Charleston, SC, what is not to love!?! I agree that paint would make a big difference. I also think some window treatments should be on the top of the list. Please post the after pics :)

Lauren said...

I have a beautiful younger sister who could surely help him decorate his new place ;)

Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Definitely needs paint though. Low country vibe to me means bead board, whites, creams, yellows and the preppiest of blues and greens.

To make the kitchen more "low country casual" I would do a bead board backsplash painted creamy white and the walls in whatever palish shade of blue or green ends up working with the black appliances.

Pale golden yellow in great room, drift wood painted white type look mantel above fireplace and something big, fabulous and beachy over the mantel.

Sorry... getting carried away!

Red and White Preppy said...

I agree with the paint :)

I'll be in Charleston in July and could meet him to help...hehehe.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Abigail's Party said...

Hey - that house looks amazing!
Your properties in the US are so, so, so much bigger than the norm in the UK.
It's amazing to see what you get there. It makes me want to move!!

thanks for sharing!