Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Home Ideas - the Master Bedroom

Thanks to Le Petite Blog and her tip about My Home Ideas, I have found lots of good ideas for my little brother. I am kind of going room by room. I am trying to stay away from too many floral prints and the typical feminine colors. I will leave that for whoever his future wife is - hee hee.

I think for the master bedroom he should paint a blue or a bluish green. I found a bunch of these colors that I like. I am drawn to these colors because I feel like they are calming and not over-whelming. They also feel like a beach house to me - which I like since its Charleston after all.

I included this one because it just felt very man-bedroom-type. However, I am not crazy about it.


The Mrs. said...

Love that color!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these rooms - where on earth did you get the photos from? I have had very simila decor in the past - but more of a duck egg blue, and found it made the bedrom tranquil - but, it can be cold in winter... The mahoghany furniture helps 'warm it up'.

Etiquettely Correct said...

Anon - they are from - thanks!

Beaufort Belle said...

Love the first and the fourth!! I have these 2 pictures in my future home file!! Gorgeous rooms, and calming!!

Love your blog!
Have a blessed day,

Bridal Bird said...

I want all three of the blue rooms!